The DDR3 RAM memory type for desktop computers is used in many new desktop and gaming computers. We supply DDR3 memory as single modules, dual channel kits (each consisting of two matched DDR3 modules), and triple channel kits (each consisting of three matched DDR3 modules).
All DDR3 memory from shop4memory.com is tested by the manufacturers to ensure best possible quality and most of these memory modules are backed by lifetime manufacturers warranties.
DDR3 memory is faster than older types of RAM, currently available from PC3-8500 (1066MHz) to PC3-19200 (2400MHz). For gaming and overclocking systems we recommend our range of high-performance DDR3 kits with heatsinks and low latencies.
DDR3 memory modules for desktop computers have 240 pins, and typically operate at 1.5V. Some high-performance kits may require additional voltage as stated on each product page.
We supply DDR3 memory products from the leading brands in the market, including G.Skill, OCZ, Kingston, A-Data, Patriot.